BWT AQA Drink Pure set

Under sink filtering for magnesium enriched water

  • A Complete solution for magnesium enriched water
  • Quick and easy installation under the sink
  • GROHE 3-way tap C or U spout
  • Led indicator to replace the filter


BWT AQA Drink Pure Set is a complete solution to get the best tap water: filtered water free of taste or smell, with the impurities removed and enriched with magnesium.

The BWT Magnesium Mineralize Water filter cartridge is fitted with innovating BWT Magnesium technology. It will enrich the water with magnesium, an essential mineral for the organism, after having trapped the substances that after the taste and smell of the water, such as chlorine and removing other impurities such as copper, lead or even scale.

The magnesium filter, installed directly under the kitchen sink, is connected to the GROHE 3-way tap, allowing to choose to draw unfiltered tap water (for washing-up, for example) or filtered water enriched with magnesium for drinking.


The BWT AQA Drink Pure Set pack is delivered for easy installation and reduced space occupation. The filter is installed under the sink using a simple hose connection directly onto the supplied GROHE tap. The filtered water enriched with magnesium is instantly available on demand by opening the specific tap.