Product Advantages  

  • Small footprint: Very narrow and shallow, they fit easily into tight spaces
  • Safety: smart functions in the event of anomalies; anti-overflow solenoid valve.
  • Controlled consumption: Proportional metered regeneration (possibility to trigger regeneration cycles at a set time if necessary).
  • Simplicity: a user-friendly design with a digital control system.
  • Can be connected to the Best Water Home mobile app for real time monitoring of salt and water consumption.


BWT softener technology uses high-tech ion exchange resins to eliminatelimescale. Scaling salts (Calcium and Magnesium) are retained, and the water is softened.

BWT Perla Silk water softeners are equipped with cutting edge technology to ensure low salt and water consumption. The device automatically calculates the volume of softened water produced and the remaining resin capacity and then triggers regeneration based on requirements (metered programming).

Programming is easy with the user-friendly interface and digital control system.


BWT Perla Silk water softeners are designed for individual homes.

The softened water protects installations and equipment against premature deterioration and overconsumption of energy associated with the presence of limescale.

  • Resin volume: 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L

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