Product Advantages

  • Long service life: Product guaranteed 10 years
  • Total control over consumption and performance: Monospheric resin and proportional regeneration for optimum yield
  • Connectivity: Real time monitoring of the softener using the BWT BEST Water Home app
  • Hygiene guaranteed: Brine testing and automaticdisinfection of the resin during each regeneration


BWT technology uses high-tech ion exchange resins to eliminate limescale. Scaling salts (Calcium and Magnesium) are retained, and the water is softened Filled with 20 litres of high performance monospheric resin, PERLA SPHERE XL softeners have a high treatment capacity but consume less water and salt.

Resin regeneration is proportional to the volume of softened water produced, which saves on water and salt, and is triggered predictively by comparing current resin saturation levels to the predicted demand of the following day so that softened water is always available.

The BIO function of the device triggers automatic disinfection of the resin by electrolysis during each regeneration. The separate, dry salt tank prevents stagnation of brine for better hygiene. This also allows more flexibility for installation and maintenance of the device.

PERLA SPHERE XL water softeners can be connected to the BWT app to monitor the water and salt consumption in real time.


PERLA SPHERE XLare designed for individual homes. In some instances, they can also meet the requirements of a communal application, or catering application, installed upstream from an item of equipment to protect it against limescale in order to prevent premature deterioration of the equipment and overconsumption of energy associated with the presence of limescale.

With 20 litres of monospheric resin, the SPHERE XL model is ideal for moderate to high consumption.

  • Water softener suited to all capacities up to 8 people
  • Resin volume: 20L

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