BWT PERLA Water Softener

Product Advantages

  • High performance, high quality water softener
  • Continuous softening thanks to twin resin cylinders
  • 4 separate safety features to protect against leaksand water damage in the home
  • Connectivity, remote control via the BWT Best Water Home app
  • AQA-STOP to shut water off in the event of a leak
  • Touch screen and standby mode


The BWT PERLA high tech water softener eliminates limescale using two cylinders of ion exchange resin.

Its metered proportional regeneration system, associated with the automatic disinfection of the resin, ensures low consumption of salt and water and optimal system hygiene.

For total protection of your home against water damage, BWT PERLA is equipped with 4 separate safety features:

  • AQA-WATCH: detects abnormal consumption of water
  • AQA-SAFE: automatically shuts water off in the event of a power cut
  • AQA-GUARD: detects moisture at the foot of the device and at otherpoints in the home
  • AQA-STOP: allows water to be shut off, even remotely, in the event of a leak in the home

BWT PERLA communicates with the BWT Best Water Home app,  venremotely, for real time monitoring of the device, water and saltconsumption, safety alerts and leaks.

The brine is completely emptied during regenerations to keep the salt tank dry for better hygiene. 


Perla water softeners are designed for individual homes.

In some instances, they can also meet the requirements of a communal application, or catering application, installed upstream from an item of equipment to be protected against limescale in order to prevent premature deterioration of the equipment or overconsumption of energy associated with the presence of limescale.

The twin resin cylinder system allows it to deliver a continuous supply of softened water (even during regenerations). BWT Perla is ideal for large families, it can cope with variable flow rates and significant short term surges in softened water demands.

  • Resin volume:  2x 3.2L

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