BWT Pure Aquacalcium

Reverse Osmosis Unit

  • Filters out over 95% of particles from the water (lead, pesticides, nitrates chlorine, bacteria, viruses,…)
  • Exclusive calcium remineralisation system


Even though it is potable, tap water can have some taste and odour issues and can be loaded with undesirable impurities (pesticides, nitrates, lead, bacteria, etc.)

The BWT Pure Aquacalsium osmosis unit eliminates over 95% of the impurities from the water using its reverse osmosis technology.

It is composed of a treatment unit for refining in 5 steps and 1 exclusive calcium remineralisation step and a treated water storage tank.


Compact, it can be fitted beneath the sink and is hydraulically pre-connected. The BWT Pure Aquacalcium instantly produces 2 to 3 litres of treated water per minute (depending on water quality and network pressure), to produce about 280 litres of treaded water daily.

The Pure Aquacalcium osmosis unit is composed of:

  • 3 stage pre-filtering(impurities 5μ, extruded activated carbon 10μand activated carbon pellets)
  • A reverse osmosis module with a membrane
  • An 11L capacity pressurised storage tank allowing to store the water away from the light and any pollution
  • An Aquacalcium remineralisation cartridge
  • An activated carbon finishing filter