Build Your Dreams

Founded in 2001, Crystalline Swimming Pools and Spas has been dedicated to offering quality swimming pool and wellness solutions. We have proudly been the most professional team in pool construction and renovation, from designing your pool to completing for you a swimming pool or wellness area of utmost luxury finish. Always using top quality material, EU and USA equipment, and highly trained experienced team, we created the most reliable customer service reputation in the Cyprus market.

Tailor-made saunas

We are able to offer a tailor-made option to our most demanding clients. We work with the best architects and designers to customize your sauna as you like.

Tailor-made Wellness Facilities

  • Steam rooms

  • Experience Showers

  • Ice Makers

  • Foot Baths

  • Aromatherapy cabins with Himalayan salt

The most Advanced Hot Tubs and Swimspas on the Market

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